B&W Announces Turnover of U.K. Renewable Energy Project Featuring Advanced Waste Combustion Technology


Babcock [&] Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. announced that its Denmark-based subsidiary, Babcock [&] Wilcox Vølund, and its project partner, Interserve, have successfully turned over a renewable energy plant project near Dunbar, East Lothain, Scotland, to the customer, Viridor.

The Dunbar Energy Recovery Facility, a municipal waste-to-energy plant, will provide green power for 39,000 homes while providing more than 50 permanent, full-time jobs for the community. B[&]W Vølund’s advanced waste combustion technology also will help the community dramatically reduce its reliance on landfilling by processing 320,000 tonnes of municipal and construction waste annually that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

This project is one of four European renewable energy projects B[&]W previously announced it expects to turn over to customers in the first and second quarters of 2019. The Dunbar project was referred to as the “sixth project” in B[&]W’s previous public disclosures about its European Renewable projects.

B[&]W’s Vølund’s advanced technology is proven and reliable for waste-to-energy customers worldwide and we’re proud to have executed this important project for Viridor,” said B[&]W Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Young. “The Dunbar facility, which features B[&]W Vølund’s state-of-the-art DynaGrate® fuel combustion system, will be able to process up to 38 tons of municipal waste per hour, deliver power to thousands of local homes and businesses, and help the Scottish government meet its target of landfilling zero biodegradable municipal waste by 2021.

Successful turnover of this project was an important step forward for B[&]W and reflects the hard work and strong dedication of our project team and highly skilled employees,” Young said. “We remain focused on completing our remaining European projects while we streamline overall operations, reducing overhead costs and enhancing the strength of our core technologies and services that establish B[&]W and its brands as a true global leader.

The plant features two B[&]W Vølund boilers and the advanced DynaGrate dynamic fuel combustion system, steam turbine and B[&]W emissions control equipment. B[&]W Vølund’s DynaGrate is one of the most-reliable combustion grates on the market and is tailored to the waste-to-energy and biomass energy industries. It provides excellent performance with low maintenance costs due to a design technology that reduces wear and tear on components.

Compared to other grate technologies, the DynaGrate combustion technology also produces significantly less fly ash, reducing the generation of secondary waste to landfill while allowing for recovery and recycling of all ferrous metals from the bottom ash.

Over the past 80 years, B[&]W Vølund has supplied more than 500 combustion grates worldwide.

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