From carbon neutral to carbon negative: Waste to Energy on the path to CCUS

As the Waste-to-Energy sector is looking into the implementation of Carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies, ESWET members worked with…


Contractual Guidelines for the Waste-to-Energy Sector

The contractual guidelines aim to help stakeholders involved in Waste-to-Energy projects to ensure improved efficiency in the European waste management…


Dioxins and Waste-to-Energy plants : New report on the State of the Art

ESWET is co-signing a report prepared by CEWEP showing how Waste-to-Energy plants act as a pollution sink. Contrary to recent…


Waste-to-Hydrogen solutions for sustainable mobility

As part of its decarbonisation efforts, the Waste-to-Energy sector is currently working on the integration of innovative technologies such as…


Explanatory and Guidance document on Waste Incineration BREF and BAT conclusions

CEWEP, ESWET, FEAD and Euroheat & Power published a Guidance document to explain the most difficult issues of the Waste…


INERIS Report on accuracy of air emissions measurement

This study prepared by INERIS for CEWEP, ESWET and FEAD address the question of performance of monitoring techniques for air…