Contractual Guidelines for the Waste-to-Energy Sector


The contractual guidelines aim at helping stakeholders involved in Waste-to-Energy projects to achieve balanced contractual terms at reduced transaction costs.

Download the document here!

Between 2020 and 2022, ESWET members and other stakeholders from the Waste-to-Energy sector gathered to identify common contractual issues and to advise ways to find the most appropriate solutions for all parties involved.

While started by ESWET, the participants have always been careful to draft balanced recommendations not only for suppliers but also for operators, with the goal to ultimately lead to well-designed projects.

This process has been carefully followed by a competition lawyer in order to also ensure the conformity of the guidelines with EU competition rules. After many rounds of discussion on the problems identified and how to solve them properly, the final version of the contractual guidelines for Waste-to-Energy has been published in June 2022!

The latest events – namely the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine – also had an impact on manufacturing and trade and added new questions to the list of usual contractual uncertainties. While the participants attempted to solve as many issues as possible, adaptation will be needed in the future to address them all. The feedback of stakeholders on their use of the current guidelines will refine and complete ESWET work.

With this in mind, the ESWET Secretariat welcomes all future inputs from the Waste-to-Energy sector on how to perfect the guidance and contribute to the success of Waste-to-Energy projects throughout Europe. For any further information, please contact ESWET Head of Policy, Aurelien Ballagny at

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