B&W Vølund Awarded Plant Service Contracts for Waste-to-Energy Customers in U.K., Denmark


(Picture by Viridor – Dunbar WtE plant)

Babcock [&] Wilcox Vølund A/S (Vølund), a subsidiary of Babcock [&] Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. (B[&]W) (NYSE: BW), has been awarded a multi-year service contract for two U.K. waste-to-energy plants owned by Viridor, and a plant upgrade service contract for Frederikshavn Forsyning A/S’s combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant in Frederikshavn, Denmark. The combined value of the contracts is more than $4 million.

Under the first agreement, Vølund[nbsp]will provide inspection, maintenance and optimization services for equipment it previously supplied to Viridor’s low-carbon heat and energy facilities.[nbsp]The second agreement calls for Vølund[nbsp]to design and install new equipment and provide diagnostic services for the Frederikshavn plant’s boiler.

“With its decades of experience and knowledge, Vølund is well-positioned to provide maintenance, field engineering, upgrades and parts to renewable energy plants in Europe,” said Jimmy Morgan, Senior Vice President, The Babcock [&] Wilcox Company, and Managing Director, B[&]W Vølund. “These two contracts are reflective of the many emerging opportunities as we expand our renewable energy business world-wide.”

“We thank Frederikshavn Forsyning and Viridor for the confidence they have shown in us,” Morgan said.

Vølund’s plant services include upgrades and optimizations that can help maintain stable operation, increased energy output, and achieve emission levels that comply with today’s standards and legislation.[nbsp]Vølund also manufactures replacement parts to ensure plant availability for daily operations and avoid unexpected shutdowns. Learn more about Vølund’s biomass, waste-to-energy and fossil fuel plant services at[nbsp]

About B[&]W
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About B[&]W Vølund

Based in Esbjerg, Denmark, B[&]W Vølund is a subsidiary of Babcock [&] Wilcox Enterprises, Inc., and is a supplier of technologies for efficient and environmentally sound waste-to-energy and biomass energy plants around the world.

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