Clyde Bergemann’s Innovative SMART SCS Boiler Cleaning Technology Turns 20


The success of Clyde Bergemann SMART Shower-Clean System (SMART SCS) technology in waste-to-energy, biomass and industrial plants is continuing worldwide.


With origins dating back to 1924, today Clyde Bergemann Power Group operates from fifteen locations worldwide, providing customers in the power and energy industries with key components, systems and services. Installed in thermal power plants, industrial boilers and similar installations in the energy-producing industries, Clyde Bergemann products significantly contribute to the optimisation of processes, ensuring efficient and low-emission operations, as well as effective energy conversion.

To complement the existing product range, Clyde Bergemann first introduced Shower-Clean technology to the waste-to-energy market in 2001, with the original SCS-200.  Since the introduction of the SCS-200, positive collaboration between Clyde Bergemann and waste-to-energy operators, triggered several optimisation measures, including the introduction of SMART technology, ensuring demand-driven and targeted cleaning.  Now, 20 years on, the decision to invest in the design and development of a technology dedicated to the specific challenges in the waste-to-energy market has contributed to Clyde Bergemann’s global success in this key industry, with more than 350 installations in over 50 countries.

The Clyde Bergemann SMART SCS is a global market leader and the German-manufactured equipment is the most advanced boiler cleaning system in the waste-to-energy market. Due to vast experience in this market, Clyde Bergemann is the partner most trusted by boiler manufacturers globally to ensure delivery of the multitude of benefits available from installing the Clyde Bergemann designed equipment. These include efficient and safe on-load cleaning of ash deposits, and reliable cleaning of the open passes, both of which are key for efficient plant operation.

In the last 20 years, the SMART SCS has contributed to the successful operation of waste-to-energy plants globally, with a growing installed base throughout Europe and Asia. Most recently, Clyde Bergemann has applied their product and process know-how to the rapidly developing Chinese and Indian waste-to-energy markets and has had remarkable success. These markets, in particular, are vast and growing and operators are keen to harness the best technologies, to ensure stable operation of their facilities.  With continual collaboration, ongoing optimisation measures and the utilisation of experienced global service support teams, Clyde Bergemann Power Group is securing its long-term position in the global market as the most trusted and reliable partner for waste-to-energy plants.

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