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ESWET Activity Report 2022

ESWET, the representation of EU Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology presents its Annual Report, through which summarises the milestones and activities…


Recovering the non-recyclable: the Integrated Resource-Recovery Facility

Complementary to waste prevention, re-use and recycling, Waste-to-Energy currently represents the most sustainable solution to treat non-recyclable waste. However, as…


From carbon neutral to carbon negative: Waste to Energy on the path to CCUS

As the Waste-to-Energy sector is looking into the implementation of Carbon capture, utilisation and storage technologies, ESWET members worked with…


Contractual Guidelines for the Waste-to-Energy Sector

The contractual guidelines aim to help stakeholders involved in Waste-to-Energy projects to ensure improved efficiency in the European waste management…


Activity Report 2021

ESWET Activity Report 2021 – Web version / Print version


Dioxins and Waste-to-Energy plants : New report on the State of the Art

ESWET is co-signing a report prepared by CEWEP showing how Waste-to-Energy plants act as a pollution sink. Contrary to recent…


Waste-to-Hydrogen solutions for sustainable mobility

As part of its decarbonisation efforts, the Waste-to-Energy sector is currently working on the integration of innovative technologies such as…


Activity Report 2020

ESWET Activity Report 2020 – Web version / Print version


Waste-to-Energy 2050: Clean Technologies for Sustainable Waste Management

Full document: ESWET_Vision2050 Infographic: “The Waste-to-Energy Plant of the Future“ Waste management is a crucial topic for the sustainable development…


Activity Report 2019

ESWET Activity Report 2019 – Web version / Print version


Explanatory and Guidance document on Waste Incineration BREF and BAT conclusions

CEWEP, ESWET, FEAD and Euroheat & Power published a Guidance document to explain the most difficult issues of the Waste…


Activity Report 2018

ESWET Activity Report 2018 – Web version / Print version


Activity Report 2017

ESWET Activity Report 2017 – Web version


INERIS Report on accuracy of air emissions measurement

This study prepared by INERIS for CEWEP, ESWET and FEAD address the question of performance of monitoring techniques for air…