Elaboration of contractual guidelines for the Waste-to-Energy sector


ESWET_Elaboration of contractual guidelines_Small

Contractual uncertainties can hamper the efficiency needed by European waste management. To improve this issue, ESWET aims to coordinate the development of guidelines for the stakeholders of the Waste-to-Energy sector.

ESWET – the European Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology – is currently working on the elaboration of non-binding guidelines to address contractual uncertainties and challenges in the Waste-to-Energy sector.

The process will start with a kick-off meeting taking place online on Wednesday 21 October 2020. The first meeting will serve to set the scene, exchange views on the items to cover and to develop a mutual agreement on the desired scope of the document. This process aims to provide a set of guidelines agreed by the main players of the sector and validated by a lawyer. Once drafted and approved, the guidelines will be officially published.

The participation is open to all the relevant stakeholders involved in the Waste-to-Energy sector. Contributions to the elaboration of the guidelines may be required. The ESWET members will be fully represented and CEWEP (Confederation of European Waste-to-Energy Plants) will have a role of observer in the development process. Those who are interested in participating and/or in receiving more details about the elaboration process are invited to contact ESWET at