ESWET Activity Report 2022


ESWET, the representation of EU Suppliers of Waste-to-Energy Technology presents its Annual Report, through which summarises the milestones and activities carried out during 2022.

A changing and demanding Waste-to-Energy environment: making a sector more resilient

Activity Report– Web version / Print version

For more than 18 years, ESWET has shared the expertise of the European suppliers of Waste-to- Energy technology. Our members are part of the constant evolution of waste management plants and by doing so, they contribute to a greener future and more sustainable treatment of our waste in Europe.

In 2022, ESWET had a total of 35 members. Currently, in May 2023 the total number of ESWET members has increased to 38.

Our activities range from organising conferences and technical webinars, to the production of reports and guidance documents to showcase the sector’s know-how and our vision to contribute to a more sustainable world.