Letter of support to the Brazilian Association for Energy Recovery of Waste


ESWET expressed its support to ABREN – the Brazilian Association for Energy Recovery of Waste. ESWET welcomes ABREN’s endeavours, particularly their ongoing fact-finding mission to scientifically analyse methane leakages from dumpsites and technical landfills in Brazil. As a leading organisation representing the European industry, which is at the forefront globally in WtE technologies, we are keen to share insights, facts, figures, and arguments supporting the advancement and adoption of WtE solutions.

We are deeply concerned about the continued reliance on landfilling for waste disposal in Brazil, especially given the availability of more sustainable waste management technologies. Waste-to-Energy technology is a critical component in the waste management hierarchy, positioned above landfilling, due to its multifaceted benefits to communities and the environment. WtE processes offer hygienisation, energy supply, and the recycling of resources, with the potential for negative CO2 emissions. Studies have shown that incineration with energy recovery can significantly save greenhouse gas emissions by recovering energy from waste, which usually replaces an equivalent amount of energy generated from fossil fuels. This not only diverts waste from landfills but also contributes to sustainable development and reduced impacts on public health.

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