ESWET joins the European Net Zero Alliance


ESWET expands its visibility by joining a cluster of like-minded associations committed to reaching climate neutrality targets; ENZA.

The European Net Zero Alliance (ENZA) fosters collaboration among diverse organizations across sectors and the entire value chain to drive the energy transition with a shared commitment to climate neutrality. Members adopt the “we can – we want – we will” approach.

Furthermore, ENZA enhances stakeholder alignment on policies, aiding decision-makers in identifying impactful, cost-efficient climate mitigation solutions. This platform champions sustainable crosscutting strategies with a strong EU footprint.

ESWET, the European representation of Waste-to-Energy Suppliers, welcomes this union as stated by Mr. Patrick Clerens, Secretary-General of the ESWET association:

“We are excited to be a member of the European Net Zero Alliance. The EU suppliers of Waste-to-Energy technology bring significant potential for decarbonisation through material and energy recovery, Waste-to-Hydrogen/Fuel applications, and bioenergy with CCUS, as indicated in our recent report Recovering the non-recyclable: the Integrated Resource-Recovery Facility. ESWET is looking forward to working with all ENZA members on advocating for solutions for climate neutrality. This crucial topic demands immediate and coordinated action, and we are here to answer the call.” 



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