HaloSep joins the ESWET family


ESWET is very happy to welcome our new associate member HaloSep.

Producing district heat and electricity through waste incineration is an efficient and climate-sound solution for waste that cannot be recycled. However, incineration of waste generates flue gas waste; fly ash containing heavy metals and chlorides and a contaminated acid.

Today the hazardous fly ash is transported to specific landfill sites, especially in closed mines, according to the ”hide and forget” philosophy. This is not sustainable nor in line with a circular green community.

HaloSep offers a unique and sustainable solution managing all the issues of fly ash. The process recovers salt and metals as well as it reduces the landfill volume. HaloSep provides an on-plant solution that can be built up locally at a Waste-to-Energy plant. It can also be placed at a site where fly ash from several smaller plants is consolidated.

Thereby, HaloSep will eliminate both cost and emissions related to long-range transportation, building a more sustainable Waste-to-Energy industry.