Heat recovery increase in Borsigstrasse plant by LAB


LAB is pleased to announce the contract award for the Flue Gas Condensation of the MVB Müllverwertung Borsigstraße GmbH existing plant in Hamburg, Germany.


Under technical consultancy of Engineers Tiede- und Niemann, Wandschneider + Gutjahr and Fiedler Beck, MVB GmbH has contracted LAB for the design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of 3 Flue Gas Condensation (FGC) units ,3 Absorption Heat Pumps and related periphery systems and installations.

The heat recovery after implementation of the FGC will lead to 16 MW for each of the 2 x 20 ton/h WtE Lines and 10 MW for the existing Biomass Line while feeding heat in the surrounding District Heating network. The new high efficient LAB Flue Gas Condensation units are scheduled to be in full operation in 2022 (WtE) and 2023 (Biomass).

For more information on the project or specific demand on flue gas treatment and flue gas condensation, please feel free to contact LAB.

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