Magaldi wins a contract for the wet-to-dry conversion of B.E.A. WtE plant


Brianza Energia Ambiente SpA has awarded Magaldi a contract for the revamping of the bottom ash handling system under the twin incineration lines in the WtE plant of Desio (MB).

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Two Ecobelt® WA conveyors will replace the existing submerged chain conveyors (SCC), suffering from:

  • frequent clogging, which adversely affect the normal operation, causing safety problems;
  • high transportation costs of the BA sent to recycling plants, due to the large water content (>20%).

The Ecobelt® WA conveyors have been designed to withstand the heaviest operating conditions (i.e. high temperatures, and heavy loads due to the falling of large lumps of agglomerated ash onto the belt) to guarantee the highest dependability and meet the strictest safety standards while eliminating the use of water to extract, cool and convey bottom ash.

Besides reducing the amount of slag to be disposed of, the wet-to-dry conversion will also pave the way for a future metal recovery process.

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