MARTIN – Contract for work and services with regard to the partial replacement of line 1 of the Würzburg WTE plant


After the waste management association of the greater Würzburg area (ZVAWS) awarded MARTIN the design contract for the partial replacement of line 1 of the Würzburg WTE plant in July 2018, the corresponding contract for work and services was concluded on 21/05/2019.

The scope of supply includes the dismantling of the grate, of the steam generator and of various auxiliary units for line 1. The scope furthermore includes the erection of a new grate-based combustion system equipped with the MARTIN reverse-acting grate, erection of the associated steam generator, installation of various media pipes and of the electrical instrument and control system technology for line 1 as well as replacement of the switchgear for line 2. This entire scope of supply is implemented while lines 2 and 3 continue to operate.

Following replacement, line 1 is designed for a gross heat release of 29.2 MW, an average heating value of 10,500 kJ/kg and a waste throughput rate of approx. 10 t/h, while at the same time providing for the co-combustion of sewage sludge.

Start-up is planned for the second half of 2020.

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