Martin GmbH


Aarberg, Schwitzerland

We have been awarded the contract to supply a combustion line for the wood-fired combined heat and power plant in Aarberg (Bern canton). Our scope of supply includes the Martin reverse-acting grate Vario and the steam boiler. The contract was signed on 7 August.[nbsp]Construction of the plant on site will commence in February 2018. Completion is planned for August 2020.[nbsp]The Aarberg plant will thermally treat up to 250 tonnes of waste wood per day. This corresponds to an output of 33 MW. The energy produced will be directly supplied to the adjacent sugar factory operated by Schweizer Zucker AG. Consequently, the factory will obtain most of the energy it requires from renewable sources and, thanks to the wood-fired power plant, save more than 60 % on fossil fuels. This will reduce annual CO2 emissions by approximately 14,000 tonnes.

Chenzhou Phase II, China

Our licensee, Chongqing Sanfeng Covanta Environmental Industry Co., Ltd., has been awarded a new contract to supply grate systems. One combustion system will be supplied to the waste-to-energy plant in Chenzhou Phase II (Hu’nan province), People`s Republic of China. The grate will be manufactured in China and will use the MARTIN SITY 2000 technology. The grate will have a throughput of 550 t/d.

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