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EBARA and MARTIN agree to a cooperation partnership

Tokyo/Munich April 3, 2018 – EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd. (EBARA) and MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik (MARTIN) announce their cooperation for the Waste-to-Energy market in Japan. EBARA will have the exclusive right to MARTIN reverse-acting grate technologies for new plants and major refurbishments. With this cooperation EBARA will continue to expand its high expertise on the Waste to Energy market by utilizing world-renowned combustion technology. With the usage of the reverse-acting grate systems, EBARA will strengthen its market position, as well as its portfolio.
Under the cooperation agreement, MARTIN and EBARA will work closely together to bring the newest MARTIN reverse-acting grate technologies to Japan as well as further developments of the MARTIN technology.[nbsp]To date, more than 420 plants in 34 countries have been equipped with more than 800 lines with MARTIN reverse-acting grate combustion technology, treating close to 300,000 tons per day of municipal household waste. EBARA has designed and delivered more than 540 combustion lines in more than 440 plants. Using both grate and fluidized bed technology.
“We are very pleased to announce to add MARTIN’s products to our lineup, and to provide our clients with the products from now on. MARTIN has a long history of nearly 100 years in the Waste-to-Energy business field, and has made great achievements worldwide with proven technologies and a strong dedication to R[&]D. We are convinced that our partnership will contribute to the Japanese market by furnishing a wide range of safe, secure and stable waste treatment facilities,” explains Atsuo Ohi, President and Representative Director of EBARA Environmental Plant Co., Ltd.[nbsp]”Close to 200 years of combined experience in the power plant and Waste-to-Energy business with an outstanding track record and great commitment to environmentally sound waste treatment will form this cooperation. With EBARA we are proud to be able to announce a cooperation with an important and highly successful player who is driven by its strong technical principles,” adds Ulrich Martin, Managing Director of MARTIN GmbH.

KÜTTNER and MARTIN pool their expertise in the thermal treatment of sewage sludge to take on the global market

27.03.2018, Essen/Munich -[nbsp]The two companies will found and jointly manage a new firm, KÜTTNER MARTIN Technology GmbH, which will be based in Munich.
KÜTTNER Holding GmbH [&] Co. KG and MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik have announced the foundation of a joint company, KÜTTNER MARTIN Technology GmbH, based in Munich. KÜTTNER and MARTIN will each hold 50 % of and jointly manage the new company, which will specialize in the sale and construction of plants for the thermal treatment of municipal sewage sludge.
Both companies have long-standing experience as plant manufacturers in their respective fields of activity. KÜTTNER contributes fluidized bed technology, tried and tested for the thermal treatment of sewage sludge, as well as expertise in the optimization of the overall process. MARTIN offers a wealth of long-standing experience in the thermal and biological treatment of residual material as well as an extensive network of local and global contacts. By combining their business activities in the field of thermal treatment of municipal sewage sludge, the two partners will achieve optimum synergies, thereby offering their customers a wider portfolio and a full range of services.
While the purpose of the new company is to globally handle projects for the thermal treatment of sewage sludge, in the beginning activities will focus on the European market. However, in Asia there is also a great demand for and interest in municipal disposal solutions, which is why the company will be looking to find suitable partners for this market.
“This logical step makes us much more flexible and faster when it comes to supplying the technologies of choice for this rapidly growing market”, explains Dr. Ing. Christian Bartels-von Varnbüler, managing director and shareholder of Küttner Holding GmbH [&] Co. KG.[nbsp]”Küttner and Martin are combining the success stories of two German SMEs to provide effective solutions for the thermal treatment of sewage sludge, thanks to their customary high quality levels, while at the same time setting new standards”, adds Ulrich Martin, managing director and shareholder of MARTIN GmbH für Umwelt- und Energietechnik.

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