News from MARTIN – Sharjah, U.A.E. and Rambervillers, France


Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Landfill-free treatment of waste at the Persian Gulf

On the south-eastern edge of Sharjah, our partner CNIM builds a waste combustion line in close proximity to the Dubai border. Local waste management company Bee’ah and project developer Masdar are the contracting entities.

As of 2021, CNIM will operate the plant for 25[nbsp]years and combust approx. 300,000[nbsp]t of household and commercial waste per year. The released heat shall be used to generate approx. 30[nbsp]MW of electricity. What is more, Sharjah will be the first major city in the Middle East to achieve the goal of a fully landfill-free disposal of waste.

The plant is located in the desert and near the sea so that high temperatures and a significantly fluctuating air humidity necessitate an open building that still offers protection against dust and sandstorms.

MARTIN will supply a 5-run reverse-acting grate Vario with a width of 13.140 m. The gross heat release will be 109.4 MW with a maximum throughput of 42.3 t/h. The MICC system will be used for combustion control.


Rambervillers, France

Plant modernization for the generation of electricity and district heat from waste

The Rambervillers WTE plant in the Vosges department will be modernized comprehensively. The two oldest lines will be replaced by a new line and the remaining line will be upgraded. The contract to modify the plant was awarded to our partner CNIM. Completion of the modernization activities and start-up of the new line are planned for the year 2021.

When awarding the modernization contract, the customer, ÉVODIA (Vosges establishment for optimizing waste through innovation and action), also granted the licence to operate the plant for 25[nbsp]years and assigned it to the French plant operator SUEZ. Following modernization, the two lines will combust 77,000[nbsp]t of household and commercial waste per year. By connecting the WTE plant to the municipal district heating network, the current heat recovery rate of 54[nbsp]% will increase to 79[nbsp]%.

For the combustion line to be built, MARTIN will supply a 2-run reverse-acting grate with a width of 3.660[nbsp]m. The gross heat release will be 28.1[nbsp]MW with a maximum throughput of 10.8[nbsp]t/h.


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