Standardkessel Baumgarte receives order to Build Stapelfeld Energy From Waste plant For EEW


Standardkessel Baumgarte announces to have received an order to construct a new EfW plant for EEW Energy from Waste Stapelfeld GmbH. The new plant replaces an existing EfW plant at Stapelfeld, northeast of Hamburg, and consists of two separate plants, a thermal waste treatment plant for household waste and a mono combustion-sludge incineration plant. [nbsp]
Standardkessel Baumgarte received the order to supply the steam generator and grate firing system for the new EfW plant.

In the future, the new EfW plant Stapelfeld will thermally utilize municipal waste, household-type commercial waste, and processed municipal waste and feed electricity and heat into the network of the Stapelfeld municipality and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

The new EfW plant will use the energy contained in the resource waste much more efficiently than the existing plant, which is almost 40 years old. [nbsp]By the same, heat output and electricity generation get more than duplicated.[nbsp] Depending on the calorific value, about 320,000 to 350,000 tons of waste from the surrounding area will be safely recycled each year, with extremely low emissions.

Technical data

Combustion heat capacity:[nbsp]120 MW
Steam capacity:[nbsp]145 t/h
Steam pressure:[nbsp]40 bar
Steam temperature:[nbsp]400 °C

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