Standarkessel Baumgarte with Acciona secures order for the construction of a WtE plant in Scotland


The councils of Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray are constructing an energy from waste plant at the Aberdeen location, in the North-East of Scotland.

ACCIONA, a global company focused on sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy, will be responsible for the design and turnkey construction, commissioning and the O[&]M of the plant for a 20 year period. Standardkessel Baumgarte’s scope of supply comprises designing and supply of the boiler plant, including the firing system and the flue gas cleaning system.

The NESS Energy project will help the local councils in meeting Scotland’s targets for the “Zero Waste Society” and the landfill ban from 2021. The new NESS energy from waste plant provides a local, long-term and sustainable solution for the disposal of non-recyclable municipal waste.

In future, the plant will utilize 150,000 tons of waste per annum and with a total output of 49 MWth provide the required energy and heat in an environmentally friendly manner. The electricity generated is fed into the national grid and the steam is used in the local district heat network.

The NESS energy from waste plant in Aberdeen is by now the third plant in Scotland for Standardkessel Baumgarte. SBG has already constructed a biomass plant in Speyside that has been in operation since 2016, and a further energy from waste plant which is still under construction. In both cases, SBG was the general contractor.

Technical data:
Total rated thermal input: 49 MWth
Fuel throughput rate: 150,000 t/a
Steam output: 63 t/h
Steam temperature: 425°C
Steam pressure: 64 bar

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