Steinmüller Babcock Environment


Gummersbach, 7th December 2017

Steinmüller Babcock Environment GmbH, Germany, is the technology supplier as well as the supplier of key components for the construction of the four waste incineration lines for the new Feixi thermal waste incineration plant in China. Feixi is a town in the city Hefei, which is the capital of the Anhui Province, China, with 960,000 inhabitants. The project is of particular importance to the region due to the rapidly increasing amount of waste. The customer is Zhejiang FEIDA Science [&] Technology Development, by order of the China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Company (CECEP). Based on the good experience with Steinmüller Babcock Technology in other projects, CECEP decided to use the modern and high-performance grate technology of Steinmüller Babcock Environment as well as their local partner. In the years 2011 and 2013, one order each was awarded for two waste incineration lines with 500 tonnes each of waste throughput per day in the city of Hefei to Steinmüller Babcock . The new facility in Feixi will also be designed for 4 x 500 tonnes waste throughput. The contract was signed in November.

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