Technoform is ESWET’s new member


ESWET is happy to welcome Technoform as a new associate member.

As a global family business founded in 1969, Technoform runs 14 production sites worldwide that extrude plastic profiles and tubes in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. Headquartered in Kassel, Germany, the company boasts over 1,600 employees and more than 45 factories and sales offices around the world.

The Technoform Heat Transfer Solutions unit provides innovative solutions made of thermally conductive graphite and high-performance polymers. These materials are the perfect combination of thermal performance, mechanical as well as chemical resistance, and economic efficiency, offering new possibilities for efficient heat recovery in the power industry. Technoform’s polymer-based heat transfer solutions are a reliable and cost-efficient way of tapping into this unused source of energy. Their exceptional heat conductivity and corrosion resistance enable compact heat recovery systems that work in all gas compositions.