Three events to address the role of Waste-to-Energy in the EU Taxonomy


Representatives of ESWET will participate in the next few weeks in three online events discussing the European Waste-to-Energy and waste management sectors: Rethinking Waste, World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit, and IRRC – Waste to Energy.

Three important events to discuss the current and future policies and technologies for sustainable waste management will take place online between the end of September and mid-October 2020. ESWET is pleased to discuss the latest policy developments on Waste-to-Energy, including the contribution of the technology to the objectives of the EU Taxonomy.

On 23 September, ESWET Secretary-General, Patrick Clerens will give a presentation with the title “EU Taxonomy: can Waste-to-Energy be sustainable?” during the online event Rethinking Waste, organised by ISWA and Waste Management World.

Two weeks later, on 7 October, he will participate at the online World Waste to Energy and Resources Summit, speaking in the panel “Regulation: Analysis of the current policy landscape in the UK and Europe” together with speakers from the European Commission, ESA (Environmental Services Association) and ARC21.

On 15 October, another presentation on Waste-to-Energy and the EU Taxonomy will be delivered at the online IRRC Conference with the title “Latest development of the EU taxonomy for sustainable activities.” In the same event, the ESWET President, Siegfried Scholz, will give a presentation on “Political Mainstream and the Future of Waste to Energy“. The Chair of the ESWET Technical Committee, Hubert de Chefdebien, will participate as well with a talk on “Measurement uncertainties with the focus on mercury”.

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