Transformative Process Enhancement at Bern’s Waste-to-Energy Plant by Explosion Power


A real case of how state-of-the-art technology can contribute to better performance rates at WtE facilities.

ESWET members are actively pursuing innovation to enhance the quality and performance of the equipment they supply to WtE plants. Let’s know more about a real-life example of this work at Bern’s WtE plant!

In 2012, the KVA Bern Forsthaus WtE plant was established. Initially, it employed Shower Cleaning (SCS) for boiler empty pass cleaning until 2018 when it transitioned to using three Shock Pulse Generators (SPG).

Boiler cleaning – What is the objective?

The primary aim of the boiler cleaning process is to uphold efficient heat exchange and ensure the boiler’s overall performance. Regular cleaning of boiler walls and tube bundles is essential to achieve these objectives. Several technologies are employed to maintain a reasonable pressure drop across the boiler and keep flue gas temperatures within desired ranges.

How does Explosion Power technology help clean the boiler?

The introduction of Shock Pulse Generators (SPG) led to more frequent yet less energy-intensive cleaning, eliminating temperature fluctuations in the flue gas and ensuring consistent ash discharge. This, in turn, reduced wear and tear on the units. Post-implementation data analysis revealed a significant reduction in both maximum and average flue gas temperatures. This transformation has enabled sustained operation at 110% capacity and significantly lowered energy consumption for boiler cleaning.

The project was a collaborative effort between Martin GmbH, Explosion Power GmbH, and ewb.

If you wish to explore further details about this technology, you can find comprehensive information here.


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