Martin GmbH


Thiverval, France

Our French partner CNIM operates three waste combustion lines in Thiverval-Grignon / Île de France. A total of approx. 240,000 t of household waste, commercial waste similar to household waste and sewage sludge can be thermally treated per year.
During a comprehensive modernization of the plant, lines 1 and 2, which are more than 40 years old, will be replaced with a new line. The owner, SIDOMPE, has awarded CNIM the contract to build a new 4th line. Line 3, which has been operating since 1994, will continue to run during construction work and will be modernized at a later date.
For line 4, MARTIN will supply a 2-run reverse-acting grate with a width of 5.160[nbsp]m. The gross heat release will be 33.5[nbsp]MW with a maximum throughput of 14.4[nbsp]t/h.

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