Martin GmbH


Prague, Czech Republic

On 9 November 2017, Pražské služby, a.s. and MARTIN signed a contract for renewal of the 4 lines of the Prague-Malešice WTE plant.[nbsp]The scope of supply includes individual dismantling of the 4 existing grate and boiler systems during operation as well as erection of 4 new grate and boiler systems, each with a throughput of 14 t/h and a gross heat release of 35 MW. The systems will be equipped with the MARTIN reverse-acting grate.
The order also includes coordination of work for the erection of new flue gas cleaning components as well as overall coordination of dismantling, erection and start-up activities for renewal of the plant.[nbsp]Construction work will begin in March 2018. The renewal of the 4 lines is scheduled to be completed by 2022. Subsequently, the Prague-Malešice WTE plant will have a waste combustion capacity of approx. 400,000[nbsp]t/a.

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